Aristotle role of pleasure in lif

As Aristotle puts, virtuous actions express correct right reason. Also, to what degree is a unity of life and of life-projects necessary for happiness? Aristotle thinks it obvious that our proper function consists in reasoning and senous nudes acting in accord with reason.

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Aristotle role of pleasure in lif

The general account of virtue First, Aristotle makes some assumptions about the character of the human soul, dividing it into a part that governs reasona part that is or ought to be governed by reason the passions or sentient appetiteand a aristotle role of pleasure in lif that is normally unresponsive to reason vegetative functions such as digestion, etc. So happiness combines an element over which we have greater control virtue with elements over which we have lesser control health, wealth, friends, One becomes virtuous by acting virtuously, i. The problem then is to delineate the ways in which such goods are related to happiness. Aristotle specifically mentions the life of gratification pleasure, comfort, etcthe life of money-making, the life of political action, and the philosophical life, i.

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Aristotle role of pleasure in lif
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Aristotle role of pleasure in lif
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At least we know this much for sure: Aristotle believes that the development of intellectual and moral virtue is the only backdrop against which such questions can be fruitfully investigated. Look brunettes tit Stetson handout. A second approach is to survey the goods which we find ourself desiring, since happiness presumably consists in the attainment of some good or set of goods such that to have them in the right way is to be living well.

Aristotle role of pleasure in lif
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Aristotle role of pleasure in lif
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